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Details CSS-Mastery-Advanced-Web-Standards-Solutions

Building on what made the first edition a bestseller, CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition unites the disparate information on CSS-based design spread throughout the internet into one definitive, modern guide. Revised to cover ...

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Details The-Watercolorists-Answer-Book-425-Tips-Techniques-and-Solutions

The Watercolorist's Answer Book Gives information on using and caring for materials, advice on basic and advanced techniques and useful tips for improving your paintings. Twenty step by step demonstrations reinforce the valuable tips, and each are ...

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Details The-Avid-Handbook-Advanced-Techniques-Strategies-and-Survival-Information-for-Avid-Editing-Systems

The Avid Handbook Offering workflow efficiencies for the experienced editor, this title teaches you the hows and whys of operating the system in order to reach streamlined, creative end solutions. It includes information on HD formats and workflows ...

43,95 EUR*
Details Problems-and-Solutions-in-Mathematical-Finance-Volume-I-Stochastic-Calculus-Wiley-Finance-Series-Band-1

Mathematical finance requires the use of advanced mathematical techniques drawn from the theory of probability, stochastic processes and stochastic differential equations. These areas are generally introduced and developed at an abstract level, making ...

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Details Functional-Approach-to-Programming

The Functional Approach to Programming Advanced text on how to program in the functional way; has exercises, solutions and code. Full description

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Details Variation-Aware-Analog-and-Mixed-Signal-Circuit-Design-in-Emerging-Multi-Gate-CMOS-Technologies-Springer-Series-in-Advanced-Microelectronics-Band-28

Since scaling of CMOS is reaching the nanometer area serious limitations enforce the introduction of novel materials, device architectures and device concepts. Multi-gate devices employing high-k gate dielectrics are considered as promising solution ...

15,84 EUR*
Details Acoustic-Research-Performance-Subwooferkabel-450-m

See and hear the difference with the Acoustic Research AP-052N Subwoofer RCA Audio Cable. It's made from high-quality materials and features advanced engineering solutions for coordination, resulting in better picture and better sound quality.

165,72 EUR*
Details Innovative-and-Integrated-Technologies-for-the-Treatment-of-Industrial-Wastewater-Innowatech-EU-Report

Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater Innovative and Integrated Technologies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater deals with advanced technological solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewater ...

128,39 EUR*
Details Multiple-Shooting-and-Time-Domain-Decomposition-Methods-MuS-TDD-Heidelberg-May-6-8-2013-Contributions-in-Mathematical-and-Computational-Sciences-Band-9

This book offers a comprehensive collection of the most advanced numerical techniques for the efficient and effective solution of simulation and optimization problems governed by systems of time-dependent differential equations. The contributions ...